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Commercial center in Alofi

Alofi - The Capital of Niue

Alofi is located at the West side of the Island and It is the official Capital of Niue. It is a pretty small town, bonding together almost the totality of the commerce on the Island as well as the Government House and the port, or  the wharf. In other words, everything you may need in Niue, including things such us bank, post office, Internet, shops, police, grog, ciggies, petrol, groceries, car rentals, tourist information, phone, food, bars, bakeries, restaurants and accommodation (with the exception of a couple of other places) Alofi has it. If Alofi doesn't have what you need, you wont find it anywhere else in Nuie.

Government house

We loved Alofi. There is not much to do or see anyway, but  is a place you walk without worrying about anything, day or night. It is clean, and the 700 or so inhabitants pass you the sensation you are not alone in the world and are very welcome there. The Commercial Centre (larger photo on the top of this page) is the place where everybody goes and meet. The bank, Internet, Telecom, Post Office, Grocery shops and the Tourist information are there, together with a couple of other shops. The grog shop (Bond shop) is at the back, outside the commercial centre and it is basically a door with a balcony in front (don't forget you only have until Wednesday after your arrival to purchase duty free alcohol  there - Just take your bording pass). Across the street from the commercial centre and there is a bakery which opens before 6 AM (if Mr. Armstrong still has flour - ask for his coconut bread. It is divine). Down the road there is the big Government House (photo), and right in front is where the Island Market is (Tuesday and Fridays only). Well, this is pretty much the complete tour of this fabulous little town which is basically just a single street. My wife calls this part, Downtown.

Niue Police Station

50 metres South of "downtown" is the Police Station (photo) which also doubles as an Immigration dept. and transport dept. It is there that you'll need to go to purchase the best souvenir you can bring back home from Niue, which is your Niue Driver's License. Right in front of the Police Station is the Crazy Uga Cafe and further down the road you'll find almost everybody else, the Falala-fa Restaurant, Gill's Restaurant, Jenna's Restaurant, an Ice cream and Juice shop, Pelenis and Teresa Guesthouses, the Petrol Station, Alofi Rentals (cars), Pacific Way bar and the Fish factory. Go further down the road and you'll reach New Zealand 2400 Km away. Ok, so this was South of Alofi, and separating the South from the North, you have one of the most important features in Niue. The Wharf.

Alofi's Wharf

The Wharf is to Niue the same way Tauranga is to New Zealand. I mean, it is the centre of the Universe. Yes, just like the Niue Police, the wharf also doubles as a recreational area, fishing spot, snorkelling Spot, swimming spot, boat ramp, a teenagers meeting point, a cinema where you can watch sunsets and the ships arriving and a nice romantic area with excited sea snakes procreating. But the biggest function of the wharf, is that it is of vital economic importance. Without it, no food, no fuel, no cars, no furniture, no grog, no construction material, and nothing could enter Niue, except by plane. Only a few products are commercially viable to bring in by plane and without a ship docking in Niue, bau bau, na ne ni na no, no way Jose. Touristicly, we consider the wharf a must visit place, due the fact there you'll be able to interact with the local people and understand life in Niue more than anywhere else on the Island.

Swan Son Supermarket

North of "Downtown" there is not much. We can point only two places of importance for a tourist. One is Swan Son (photo) which is the only "Supermarket" in Niue. It looks alike some I've seen in some towns of the Australian Outback but without the coconut trees. Further North you have Niue Rentals (cars) and also a video-DVD rental place. Well, this is the end of North Alofi and from now on til the next village all you'll see are only abandoned and empty homes. Cyclone Heta destroyed everything on this side of Niue, and The Coral Gardens Motel and a few other places, are the only exception on this Northbound road.

Note: Hospital, School, Airport, and Museum, are in different roads to the interior of the Island.

Main Road in Alofi Alofi's Wharf

The main street in Alofi on a Sunday afternoon.

Locals use the wharf's Electric winch to put and take their boats out of water

Fishing at the Wharf in Alofi Commercial activity at the Wharf in Alofi

Fishing is another activity locals and tourists use the wharf for.

The economic importance of the Wharf to Niue is immense

View to Alofi's South coast from the wharf

View from the wharf to South of Alofi - Panorama with 4 photos

View to Alofi's North coast from the Wharf

View from the Wharf to North of Alofi - Panorama with 4 photos

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