Amanau pool

Amanau pool

Amanau pool

Amanau pool


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Anamau Sea Track and Ananau Reef Flat

Amanau Sea Track and Reef Flat

Amanau Sea Track is the last sea track South of Alofi just after the Fish factory and Pacific Way Bar. It is not an extensive reef, but it is probably one of the worst to walk on due many sharp corals. there is also a snorkelling pool there, but when we went the tide was too low to snorkel or swim. Anyway, it was worth a look at least, but there are other reefs much better than this one. The good news is that the track is short and easy, taking no longer than 10 minutes to reach the bottom. There is a small wood ladder near the end not higher than a domestic ladder. There is a sign beside the road and the entrance is easy to find.

The pool under a semi-cave

Once at the end of the track there is a big rock, and just behind this rock, in a kind of semi-cave, there is a larger pool which is possible to snorkel in. There are plenty of fearless blue damsels and few other colourful fishes. The pool is shallow and the water is transparent, but it is also mixed with fresh water giving a cool sensation and blur views. This photo was taken from the top of the big rock, and from there you can see the fishes swimming in the pool. When we were there, a large school of a blue and brown parrot fish (big ones) were swimming on the reef flat, but they didn't allow us to approach and like I said before, it wasn't comfortable to walk on the reef to follow the fishes. If you are short of time just forget this reef and visit another one, otherways, it is an "OK" reef.

A wood stair gives acess to the reef flat Down bellow sitting on the big rock

The short ladder is easy to pass

To the left of this big rock there is a pool which is possible to snorkel.

The reef flat at sea level The pool at the left side

The reef flat is very sharp and irregular to walk on it

The small pool has some fishes to be seen but nothing special

Blue damsels in the pool Sea track to Amanau

Blue Damsels in the pool

The sign just beside the road


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