Ana Ana Landscape

From the lookout, View to Avatele

From the lookout the sea is 20 meters down below

The blow hole in Ana Ana Lookout


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Big sea splashes against the coast in Ana Ana Lookout and Blowhole

Ana Ana Blow Hole (lookout)

If from Alofi you take the road South to Avatele, (the one following the coast - not the airport one) there will be a long and sharp curve to the left after you pass a kind of mining place.After this curve start to slow down because soon there will be a gravel entrance at your right to Ana Ana lookout. If the sea gets really calm, there will be nothing much to see, but if the opposite happens or in a normal day, waves will crash against a high rock cliff which has a small cave at sea level. The consequence is a huge sound like a distant thunder followed by a jet of water blown upwards.

Yes, your camera is at risk if you approach too much near the edge of the cliff. Nobody knows the exact direction of the splash. It can be towards the sea or towards land, which after some associations with the wind is capable of giving a beautiful shower on your camera and yourself. Of course this happens only when there are enough big waves, but even in moderate seas we almost had our camera taken by a splash, and a last second save was necessary in order to prevent the worst. Also, take lots of care while you are approaching the edge of the cliff, because the terrain is very irregular, easy to loose your balance. A 30 metres fall into the ocean will for sure mean death.

The lookout provides a nice view to the Tamakautoga Reef Flats and also to Avatele region. Even if there aren't any good size swells, or the splash isn't spectacular enough, it is fun and beautiful to see the coast. For sure that coast in bad weather is kind of  the worst nightmare a sailman can have, and If you do any boat activity, you'll understand what I am talking about when you see the place.  Anyway, on a calm day, it is still possible to hear and see some waves hitting the small cave located at sea level. On the top pf the hill, coral formations eroded by the elements are magnificent with sharp needle-like points. Ah, I forgot to mention...after you leave the main road, there is a car park and if you wish, you can watch the spectacle from there, or go down another 20 metres by foot to the edge of the hill. Just take care over there.

From the carpark it is also possible to watch nature's spectacular manifestation of power. The author photographing in a calm day at Ana Ana lookout
View from the carpark to the sea and Avatele in the far distance

In a calm day you can see the reefs underwater

Needle-sharp corals eroded by the elements are one of the attractions of Niue

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