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Avatele Village and Beach

Avatele is located South of Alofi and you can use two different roads to get there. One by the coast and another by the airport. It is a very small village with not many houses but plenty of churches. There is not much either in terms of commerce or places to buy things. The Matavai Resort is the main place for food, drinks and accommodation and there is a place nearby that sells a few groceries and ice creams called Israel Mart (the mango ice cream is fantastic). Just beside the Matavai Resort, Niue Dive rents snorkelling and diving gear as well as do tours for wale watching, snorkelling and diving. 

Going South passing the Dive Shop, Matavai Resort, and Israel Mart, and just before a sharp bend to the left, (with a church on a large grassy area), if you look right, you'll see the access to Avatele Beach.  Just follow the short road down and you'll reach the Washaway Cafe (photo). This place belongs to Willie Santelli (also Crazy Uga in Alofi) which family for generations owns lands in Avatele. Willie is a great guy to talk with, and he gave us lots of orientations about how to reach some places in Niue. He also told us about how to get out the current that is present sometimes at the entrance of the pass in Avatele Beach. (swim to the right, get on the reef and come back walking over the reef). Willie opens the Washaway Cafe only on Sundays (unfortunately for me) and serves cold beers, wine, nice burgers, juices and some other treats. He makes his own bread and has very honest price for everything he sells. The Cafe also has a superb view to the beach and stay open till late.

At the right side of the beach there is a boat ramp, used by commercial operator such as Niue Dive to launch its boasts. A few local residents also use the place to swim. Just behind the ramp, there are toilets a changing room in case you feel inspired for a dip in the crystal clear water or do some snorkelling. The big rock in the water on the larger photo on the top of this page has nice corals and plenty of colourful fishes). Outside the reef when the sea is calm, there is also very good snorkelling but it is indicated that it is for more experienced divers. The white sand beach in reality is made of small peaces of coral, sharp enough to hurt sensitive feet. Locals keep their outrigger canoes covered by coconut leaves on the beach. We went twice to Washaway Cafe and Avatele Beach and enjoyed  the place greatly. It is a nice place to meet other tourists, some locals and expats too. One day we stayed from noon until dark and the Mrs's had to drive back to Alofi. It is a place in Niue that can't be missed.

Israel Mart places signs beside the road for his famous Ice-cream

Outrigger canoes are covered from the sun with coconut leaves

What seems like sand is in reality sharp corals. Enter the sea by the ramp which is easier.

From the boat ramp a view of the toilets at the left, the car park at right, and Washaway cafe at the rear.

Yes, it is a nice place to refresh and swim and get ready for some burger and beer.

Snorkelling is good inside the reef and very good outside. Just watch for rips.

The author (right) and Mr. Willie Santelli at the Washaway Café




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