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Do nothing in Niue = Relax

Besides many attractions, Niue has one of my favorite activity which is do nothing specificly. It means simply do things you haven't done before or had the chance to do for a long time. Things such as ride a bycicle with no distance or speed in mind, walk on the empty road with an ice cream in your hand, watch the the beautful landscape, read a book, or get drunk and have a serious talk with the rooster about the right time to wake you up the next morning. Another option is to simply sit down at Alofi's wharf to watch the day go by or watch the sunset. If you are staying at Matavai Resort, you have an extra bonus of "doing nothing" just by hanging around the pool with a drink in your hand. It doesn't matter what kind of "nothing" you do in Niue, you can always be sure that somewhere in Niue someone is doing the same thing as you.

Niue is a very relaxed place with the famous Polynesian caracteristic of nobody being in a hurry and the "leave for tomorow what you can do today atitude". The busiest day of the week is Friday, when the local market goes on and the locals shop in Alofi.  Also friday night/morning, the once a week plane arrives with new tourists and Niueans alike. Probably half of the Island is there doing things such as working at the Imigration, customs, fire engine, downloading and uploading luggages, or taking and picking up passangers.That day nobody sleeps well, neither do the roosters. The noise the plane makes taking off at 3:00 am can be heard almost throughout the entire Island, and It is not uncommun to see coconut crabs wearing ear plugs near the runway. The good news is that the noise lasts a few minutes only, and by 4:00 am the silence is back again. (the roosters becomes so tired they give up the extrenous task of  waking you up later). All other days in Niue are enjoyable, slow and stressless, as life should be.

During the two weeks we spent in Niue doing caving, tracking, snorkeling, bush walking, reef exploring, and many other activities, one of the highlights of the trip was "do nothing" for a while. We "did nothing" at our own pace and in a relaxed atmosphere dificult to find around the world. Now at home, we don't have this chance, and the rat race has already started again. Unfortunatelly no more afternoon naps or early morning baths in the sea. Yes, visit Niue and "do nothing" among other things. It is a good feeling and very good for the body and the mind.




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