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Fishing in Niue

If you are up for a fishing trip to Niue you must observe the way the locals fish before you put your line in the water. It is not the same technique  we are used to at home. There are lots of fishes in Niue, in reality very big ones, and depending on what modality of fishing you prefer, your strategy will be completely different. There are three ways to fish Niue, from the reef flats, from Alofi's wharf, or from a boat.

Fishing from the reef flats is tricky and depends a lot on the size of the sea and the tide. Low tide and calm seas is the way to go and you can purchase a tide table at the tourist office in Alofi's commercial centre. One thing I must tell you about fishing from the reef flats is that we haven't seen a single person doing it. Also, we had the chance to snorkel in open waters jumping from the reef flats and what we saw there was a desert of good size fishes with exception of the normal colourful small ones that will do better in a salt water aquarium that on the dinner plate. Only once we saw something about half meter long which reminded me of a coral trout. Expect your line to get hooked in rocks most of the time due to the corals and many rocks at the bottom, (using a float is the way to go). Anyway, with caution it can be fun (and productive maybe)

 Fishing from Alofi's wharf is another good alternative to having some fun fishing in Niue. We saw locals fishing from the wharf but they were not very successful getting anything eatable. I think locals go to the wharf more to socialize and kill time than anything else. But from the wharf, every single day we saw locals launch one-man outrriger canoes to go fishing not too far from land. 40 to 50 meters outside the wharf is already very deep and we've seen some eatable catches being bought to shore in theses canoes. Once, asking what kind of bait the use, we were surprised to know that they use the coconut white meat as bait. So, their secret is now revealed.(photo)

  If you are up for serious fishing  you should talk with Willie at Crazy Uga or Washaway Cafí or at the Tourism office in Alofi, to arrange a fishing tour for you. We do know people who did this tour and came back with huge and tasty fish. The thickness of the line they use is something difficult to believe. It seems a line capable of landing a Whale. Also, we've seen the plastic lures and size of the hooks which are simply huge. Really heavy duty stuff. One day we saw a 4.5 metre aluminium runabout coming back with a Tuna and another fish, both so big, they hardly fit in the open deck space of the boat. I don't thing it worth taking fishing gear to Niue except to have fun at the wharf, or if you are a "pro" or want to test your equipment. The fishing boat tour will provide you with what you need. Anyway, we wanted to go fishing with the tour, but had purchased nice fish fillets from the fish factory so we postponed it to the second week. By the end, the departure day came we missed it. Maybe next time. Niue is a GREAT place for anglers to test they abilities in the big fishing scenario.

How to launch an outrigger canoe over rocks

Waiting for a wave and preparing to jump, Man + outrigger canoe at once.

Seat on the canoe and don't let it flip over. Yes, did it!




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