A Travel Guide about Niue Island in the South Pacific

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Attractions of Niue Island

Tip: The navigation table at your left links to all attractions of Niue

When we took notice of the existence of Niue, we didn't know how spectacular this Island Country was. In reality, we found Niue by accident, searching on the Internet for another destination in the South Pacific i stumbled across Nui and we had both never heard of it. When we saw the first photos and read a couple of  forums about Niue, the first thing that came to our minds was..."We gotta go there". And we went. 

Niue offers a large variety of things to do, most of them free and more spectacular than any other. There are many Caves, Chasms, Sea Tracks, Lookouts, Snorkelling, Scuba, Wale Watching, Forests, and even some very small but beautiful little beaches. Niue is not for everyone. It doesn't have big shopping centres, luxury, or electronics to buy. It is simple, very very friendly and safe. Niue is a place more suited to the adventurous or for people who loves nature, landscapes, and the sea, including kids over 10 years of age and teenagers. They (and mom and dad) will feel like Indiana Jones on a lost island, exploring fantastic places at they own pace. There is nothing in the South Pacific like Niue, (Atiu Island in the Cook Islands is similar, but does not offer such a variety of options). Just take a look at the number of places to explore on the navigation bar at your left, you'll undestand why one week in Niue isn't enough. Two weeks is the ideal time.to see it all and still take some time relaxing.

So, we decided to do a whole page about each of these free attractions to give you more details where they are and how to get there. Other attractions such as paid tours and caves in private land are also listed, but we didn't do a whole page about them.

  • Free to visit : All attractions at the navigation table at the left of this page are free to visit and don't require guides (except may be Vaikona Chasm). Of course, the tours offered by tour operators are paid tours and they are a good complement to the free ones. The price of these paid tours are really reasonable anyway.
  • Talking about Caves, these aren't listed on the left:

- Anatoloa and Ulupaka (Cave Tour): They are probably the most beautiful caves in Niue. Mr.Tali Magatogia is the "Cave man" who will show you the beauty of these two fantastic caves. You can book the tour at the Tourism Office in Alofi and the cost per person was NZ$ 50 in November 2007. (includes lunch). 

- Other caves not listed:  Faofao, Tukuofe, Kavata, Veve, Vailoa, Makato - We tried hard to find Faofao but we walked a lot, saw some rock structures, but could find the entrance of the cave. There was nobody on the road to ask where exactly the entrance was. Tukuofe and Kavata are just beside the road and we found both. Anyway, we were told they are in private land and we decided not to trespass (again there wasn't anyone around to ask permission). Veve, Vailoa, and Makato we didn't have enough time even to think about it, may be next time.

Niue Island is a unique place in the South Pacific, and it is so beautiful that no photos in this website can give it justice. Photos lack aroma, smells, feelings, vibrations, sensations and many other things. The people of Niue are extremely friendly and treat all tourists with respect and courtesy. The attractions of Niue are simply breathtaking as you'll notice reading about them at the left. The only thing we have to say is...

Don't miss Niue !!! 




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