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Kalaone Sea Track and Reef Flat

This is another Sea Track in Alofi area. The entrance of the track is located right in from of Falala Fa Restaurant just beside the main road. The track is easy and short but a little bit steep just like any other track in Niue. Also, like any other reef flat on the Island, it depends on the tide and wave size to be possible to explore. On calm days, it is very easy to snorkel outside the reef, despite the fact that we did it and found the bottom completely deserterd without any corals and fishes except by lots of sea snakes. From the top of the hill it is possible to evaluate if the condictions are good enough to go down.

The track takes you to the right side of the reef where a small pool is located. Walking on the reef and passing a big rock at your left, you'll get access to the rest of the reef. Cyclone Heta stripped most corals on this reef flat and just a few can be seen. By the other side there is a large variety of fishes to be seen. The best time to snorkel this reef is not at low tide like many others, but with the medium to low tide or vice versa. The reason is because the reef is shallow, with no deep pools. The best place for snorkelling we've found is at the left side or the opposite point from where you arrived. In that area there are some beautiful small corals growing back.

We've got a flat day regarding the waves, and it was possible to snorkel outside the reef. You can enter the open sea at any point from the reef but the right side (the one you arrived) is the best one because there is a retraction in the reef. At first, we went snorkelling following the reef's edge to the left for a while but there was not much to see over there. Due to the cyclone, there are big loose rocks in the bottom and a handful of fishes to be seen. Anyway, if you go to the right side to the direction of the Rock Point, than things changes a bit and we've found some good size fish and plenty of sea snakes.

One episode that happened was an unexpected encounter with a sea snake that made both of us run (me and the snake). I was snorkelling at about 6 metres deep, when me and two sea snakes decided to come up for air. I was letting my body surface by itself, using arms and legs only for balance, and watching one snake about a meter far from me surfacing at the same speed. The other snake was out of my field of view and I forgot about it. Anyway, we all surfaced together and when I turned my head to look for the other snake, there she was. Exactly in front of my nose, not more than 3 centimetre far away from my mask's glass. The result was that not only me but also the snake got frighted. The snake did a 180 degrees turn and dove like a torpedo to the bottom while i swallowed a good glass of sea water.

The entrance of the Sea Track just beside the main road.

A corals forest re-growing on the reef after Cyclone Heta

The reef viewed from its left side

Checking good spots to enter the sea.

The track viewed from the road

The arrival place at the reef

Pano of 5 photos stiched together with a view of the entire Kalaone Reef from the reef edge

View from the reef flat to Alofi direction




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