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Limu Pools

 Limu Pools is probably one of the most visited place in Niue and the reason is simple...It is fun, fun, fun and, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Yes, Limu Pools in plural because there isn't only one, but two different pools each one better than the other. To get there, all you have to do is follow the road from Alofi North bound. You'll pass Peniamina's Grave, Avaiki and Palaha Caves, Hio, and there you are. There is a sign just beside the road and a block of toilets just beside the access. We don't know if the toilets or the time of the year was the reason but there were more flies in this part of the road than anywhere else in Niue. Anyway, as soon as you start the track they leave you in peace.

The access is short but steep, on a clear concrete track with some stairs. It can get slippery after rain or when you have your feet wet. When you arrive at the bottom, a huge natural poll right in front of you provides safe swimming and snorkelling for the entire family. An "arm" of rocks protects the pool from rough seas in most weather. There are plenty of corals and colourful fishes to be seen and the water is warm in some parts and cold in another. The reason is that there are some fresh water streams that flows from the cliff into the pools. These waters don't mix very well, and the fresh water which is less dense than the sea water remains at the top. For snorkellers this affects the visibility on the surface, making things look a little out of focus. Anyway, if you go down a little bit, everything gets back into focus  and the water warms up again. 

From the point you arrived if you take right instead of going strait to the first poll, you'll access the second poll. To get there, just pass the picnic area and follow the trail between the rocks. There is a short wood ladder and a few rocks to negotiate but it is kind of easy. This pool has a beautiful and photogenic arch (larger photo on the top of the page) and some small caves hidden under the arch to be explored by snorkellers. It is fun snorkelling despite some coral rocks in the middle of the pool. This pool also has fresh water intakes making things feel funny around you. This poll is more shallow before the arch but, deep under it. You can swim or snorkel beyond the arch if the sea is calm, but depending on the tide, a strong current may be present in the canal under the arch.

Back to the first pool, one of the best areas to see corals and fishes is at the canal that connects the pool to the open ocean. The problem there is that the sea must be very calm, other wise there will be waves breaking right in front of you and strong rips throwing you side to side. It was at this part of the pools that we saw very nice corals and also plenty of fish of different species and sizes. In the protected areas of the pool there weren't as many fish as we found at the canal. Corals are also growing ok after cyclone Heta, and nice ones can be seen. There is one short underwater cave at the fist pool which you can dive in and come out at the other end. We saw some nice colourful fish in the cave and it seems their home is there. (we saw the same fish more than twice).

Well, during our two weeks in Niue, we went to Limu Pools 4 times and the reason is simple...It is a great place to relax and enjoy the panorama around, which is really beautiful. Also, it is a nice place to refresh from the heat. Each time we went snorkelling we saw a different situation of fishes and a different situation of the pool itself, which changes a lot according with the tide. We also took some snacks and even cold beers and spend the entire afternoon there. Among these 4 visits, on 2 we had the company of other tourists, which was nice to chat a little bit. On the other two we were completely alone and had this paradise to ourselves. It doesn't matter in what situation, Limu Pools are great at anytime. Now, get ready to go back up the hill to the car park and face the flies again. (the worst part of Limu Pools).

This is the arrival place. If you go right, you'll reach the second pool. The outside reef and the entrance of the canal who feeds the first pool
 At the entrance of the canal, schools of fishes can be seen all the time. (waves permitting) A Blue Damsel comes forward to protect his territory from the ugly tourist.
See that tree on the top of the hill?. Yes, your car is there. View from underneath the Arch to the rest of the second pool

A "rock arm" protects Limu Pools from the open sea




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