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Night Life in Niue

There is nothing much to do in Niue after Sunset. You can dine out in one of the few restaurants, get drunk, have a stroll on the empty and desert road in the dark, read a book, watch TV (Channel 10 Australia), or invent something to do. This last option was our favourite and it was very fun not only the planning but  the execution of it aswell. Below, we have written some suggestions about things we did after dark which we found entertaining and even cultural, here it goes...

 Coconut Crab Watching - This activity will require: a camera, a torch or flash light with charged batteries, at least 10 pieces of strong string about 1 meter long each, 10 brown coconuts (ripped brown coconuts already on the ground but still with water inside) and something like a small axe or sharp strong knife to cut the coconut. All you have to do is walk into the forest (any forest but not more than 2 km from the sea. Cut out a chunk off the coconut (keep a little bit of water inside). Next, Tie the string very firmly around the coconut and tie the other end to a tree or rock. This part can be done at any time day or night. Ok, the day after, and between Sunset and Sunrise, you go back to the place and depending on your luck, there will be one or more coconut crabs eating it. This is the way locals hunt coconut crabs (some put more than 50 coconut baits). If you don't find any crab, is because you did something wrong or the area has been hunted not long before. Alternatively, ask at the tourist information in Alofi if anyone on the Island is doing it as Tour.

Fishing or Snorkelling from the Wharf. Yes, the Wharf is lit at night, although a torch will still be of great help. When fishing don't forget to include some coconut meat on your bait. We haven't seen many good size fish being cauth by locals fishing from the wharf, but even small ones are fun to catch and release. We went snorkelling twice after dark around the wharf using waterproof torches and it was unforgetable with plenty of different marine life you don't see during the day. Yes, fish do sleep and at night some allow you to aproach them very closly even touch them. The water is very warm and a pleasure to be in on nights with no breeze. The colour of the fish and corals are even brighter under a spot light.

Tracks, Roads, Caves: It is amazing how things looks different at night. Beginning with the roads, crabs are pretty much nocturnal animals and yes, depending on the time you hit the road, there will be some crabs on it, just take care not to run over them (including coconut crabs). Tracks that leads to caves also have crabs on the tracks and the cave looks completely different without sunlight. If the weather changes suddenly, no problem, just spend the night in the cave until the Sun rises the next day. Ancient Niueans used to live in caves and of course I can do the same if necessary. Just don't forget your pillow and some sheets to cover up.

Another fantastic activity is to make sure you've got at least 5 perfectly round and small rocks and a torch beside you before you go to bed. By 3:00 AM wake up and go and search for roosters. (they fly and sleep on the branches of the trees). Make sure you keep them awake by throwing rocks at them, one by one, so, they too can understand what it is like to be woken up at 4:00 AM. We also heard that there was a place with music, karaoke and dance somewhere in Alofi but I don't know if it exists or which days it is open. Must investigate.

Ps.: Just before night falls do NOT miss the free movie showing every day from the Wharf (weather permitting) called: " Sunset in your Eyes". Great film, really great, natural and free. If you suffer from insomnia, no problem, there isn't any  sheep there for you to count, but you can count the stars that in Niue seem to be duplicated due the lack of pollution,light and the isolation of the Island. If nothing that i have mentioned above attracts you, the only solution is go early to bed and get ready for another day full day of adventures in Niue. Good Night.

Photo : Niue by midnight



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