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Opaahi Sea Track and Reef Flat

It was in Opaahi Reef that the intrepid Captain James Cook decided to land in Niue and received a not very welcome reception (read about here).Since then nobody else has tried to land on this place except for local fishmen on their outrigger canoes. Opaahi Reef is also an easy access from the main road just South of Alofi. The track is short and even lit at night. After you take the track down, you'll see some outrigger canoes kept high above the reach of the waves. Locals cover the canoes with coconut palm leaves to protect them from the hot Sun. It takes about 10 minutes from the road to reach the reef and 15 minutes to came back. The track is steep but not too much, easily done by someone with a little bit of fitness.

we went to visit Opaahi Reef on the morning after our arrival in Niue. We had a kind of hangover also called "Jet Lag", aggravated 1000 times by the time we went to sleep (about 3:30 in the morning). So, we were feeling like zombies and  in consequence we hadn't enough energy to do some snorkelling in this place. By the end of our trip we ran out time to return to Opaahi Reef. So, we'll leave you with a few shots we took on the fist day and unfortunately we had no chance to photograph the bottom of the sea there.

The entrance of the Sea Track just beside the main road.

It is a short way down...

 ...but a little bit steep.

I wish to understand Cook's mind deciding to land on this place.

The reef is at the left of this rock

The tide is coming up

View to the right (Alofi side)

The reef flat




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