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Tamakautoga Sea Track and Beach

The view you have above is from Tamakautoga Reef Flat. It is the swimming pool area of the Matavai Resort. Tamakautoga Sea Track is located at the South -West part of Niue, between Alofi and Avatele. The access from the main road is very short and there is a sign at the entrance. Just about 100 metres after you enter the gravel road, there is a small parking area which has a nice view to the flats. From the car park, the access to the reef takes maybe 2 minutes going down short stairs located at the left side of the carpark.

Yes, there is a beach there with a nice deep hole underneath a mushroom shaped big rock. This pool is fed by sea water during both, high and low tides, being very warm but at the same time refreshing. The only problem this place has (as with all of Niue) is when there are big swells washing the reef over. In this case, the place will be rough and dangerous. We went there twice. The first time it was beautiful and perfect as the photos here  shows, but by the second time, it was just impossible to reach and waves were washing the entire reef with strong force.

From the edge of the reef you can see 3 beaches. On the top of the hill where the coconut palms are, and between the leftmost beach and the central one, is where the carpark is. From there, you can choose a small track to go to the left beach or another track to go to the right one. Far away on the right, there is another smaller beach. Anyway, with the right conditions of tide, etc..It doesn't matter which track you take, because you'll be able to access any of these beaches from the reef flat. (Panorama made out of 4 photos stuck together).

The pool is nice and refreshing, especially when the tide is starting to move in. It is deep enough to stay standing on the sandy bottom with water about your neck. The shade the rock provides is a blessing on hot sunny days. When we went there for the first time, we met a local family with two young kids bathing in the pool and playing on the sand. Nice and friendly people, which we spent a long time talking with about Niue. In a perfect day, Tamakautoga is a place you can really feel the vibration of being in Polynesia.

The reef is also nice to explore. There are not many corals or sea life on this reef flat, but anyway, if you are up for a long exploration, it is a nice place due to the beautiful view it provides of the shore line. Reef shoes will be an advantage but not strictly necessary. The reef is sandy and has some algae that gives you a good feeling when stepping on it. Just watch out for some unexpected holes with sharp edges and of course don't forget to get back to the car before the tide gets too high. Walking on Niue's reefs gave a great sensation of freedom, and Tamakautoga was elected by us as the best beach in Niue.

Note:  in the event of very rough seas for a prolonged periods, these beaches can be washed away and disappear partially or totally.

The sign just beside the main road, indicates the entrance of the track. The parking area and gravel road connecting the main road. 
From the parking area there is a nice view to the reef flat. View to Avatele side and Matavai Resort

Stairs leads to the reef flat.

View from the reef flat.

Well, looking at this photo makes me want to jump in this pool right now as i can remember the temperature, the clearness of the water, and the views from Tamakautoga reef flat. Great place in Niue. 




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