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Togo Chasm

 Togo Chasm can make you feel part of an Indiana Jones movie. Of course it is nothing like that but the landscape around is something very different than other landscapes around the globe or even in Niue. It is a long walk and requires a little bit of fitness because you'll have to go down from the terrace to sea level and come back in a steep and irregular terrain. It looks much more difficult in photos than it is in reality. Togo Chasm is located on the South East Part of Niue. To get there just follow the road passing the Village of Hakupu. The road will became gravel and about 8 minutes passing the village you will see at your right a parking area beside tall coconut palms and the sign post to the entrance of the track.

  From the car park all you have to do is follow the well marked track. It takes about 30 minutes to get out of the forest and have a clear view of the Ocean. This part in the forest is very easy, and beautiful without any obstacles to trespass or any degree of difficulty. Wearing tennis shoes or similar foot wear is an advantage and don't forget to take water, sun block,a hat, and your camera. There is no place to swim or snorkel over there, so you don't need to bring those things. Also, we didn't feel the need for walking sticks, but if your knees aren't very strong, they will be handy to help you to return to the car park (up hill).

 The fist thing you will see after you come out of the forest is the sea down below at some distance, and another sea of corals sculpted by the elements. It is like someone put a million razor blades with sharp slabs and pinnacles of coral pointing up to the sky. No photo can show how amazing this really is because each of these points you see on this photo is a pinnacle of about 5 to 8 metres high. Yes, you will have to make your way between them on a coral track, but the government did a great thing by putting a layer of concrete on the track, so it is easy despite the inclination. 

There are some natural stairs to deal with and again, the Gov did a great job putting a rope to hold on to which helps alot during the descent. As we said before, it is not a tough track, but some degree of fitness is needed. Just take things at your own pace and you'll get there (and back). Negotiating  the track around the coral pinnacles takes another 30 minutes and the panorama around is simply breathtaking and surreal.

The track ends up at a huge ladder with 32 steps going down to a small sandy beach. This is where the Indiana Jones style starts, because the ladder  is very high and steep but solid as a rock. This is the only way down or you will have to end your exploration there and start thinking about going back. Once down on the small beach there are huge coconuts palms that is a mystery how they did grow in such of difficult environment, but they seem healthy and happy there. There is no water on this beach but there is a cave at your left which gives nice views to a sea arch with waves breaking over it. All you can do now is start walking the long way back.


The Coconut palm marks the end of the forest and the start of the track

The track is over corals

The government put a layer of concrete over the corals making it easy to walk on it

The landscape is unbelievable
It is a long way down (and up)

The fury of the sea

The Corals are tall and sharp 32 steps down




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