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Tours in Niue

There are only a handful of tour operators in Niue, but they offer really nice and very unusual tours that most of us aren't used to and won't  forget for a long time. Some of these tours are the main reason some people visit Niue and they can get completely booked out during peak season. One example is the Scuba Dive and also Whale Encounters from the same operator, Niue Dive. The reason is that they have a limited number of boats and also operations can be cancelled due to bad weather. In other words, pre-booking these tours is more than advisable. The Tourist Information in Alofi will help you with advice about self guided tours as well as booking tours, restaurants, and accommodation for you. 

  • All prices below are from November 2007. We are placing them here as a guide only. For actual prices consult directly with the operators or Niue Tourism

Misa's Nature Tours - People rave about it and it consists of an excursion inside the Niue forest where Misa will teach you the secrets of surviving on it and many curiosities including how to deal with a coconut crab. Price: NZ$ 45 per person.

Talis Cave Tours - Visit two of the most fantastic Caves in Niue, full of Stalactites, Stalagmites and Pillars, besides squeezing holes and secret passages. Price: NZ$ 50 per person.

Herman Reef Tours - Explore Hikutavake reef in company of an expert on the subject explaining about the marine life on the reef and how locals harvest the reef. Price: NZ$ 35 per person.

Tavita's Tours - Operates different tours day or night including Night Safaris with a price of NZ$ 45.

Glass Bottom Boat - Weather permitting, glass bottom tours are organized by Alofi Rentals. Price: NZ$ 45.

Niue Dive - Operate sea tours for Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Whales & Dolphins encounters. Also Niue Dive rents diving and snorkelling gears. In November 2007 each scuba dive was charged at NZ$ 75.

"Roger's Tours" (operated by me) - Hunt the bloody roosters from the trees and send them to Tonga using an old cannon located in Alofi.( I pay one dollar for each rooster reaching the target) Also, Friday Night - Airport Tours to see the Air New Zealand plane taking off at 3:00 AM. (Will help you to smuggle the remaining roosters onto the plane if you promise to drop them off on the top of Mt.Cook. (New Zealand quarantine permitting).

For more information, except on Roger's Tours, please consult Niue Tourism Office at:

OR The official Niue Tourism website at: http://www.niueisland.com/

Roger's tour to the "Rooster Launcher" in Alofi




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