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Utuko Sea Track and Reef Flat

Utuko Reef is probably one of the best known reef flats in Niue, and the reason is simple...From the Crazy Uga Cafe you have a panoramic view of the reef and it is located in Alofi "downtown". The access to the reef is just beside the cafe, right in front of the Police Station. It is a short track little bit steep like any other track in Niue, but nothing too demanding. One good thing about this reef is that the rock pool located at its left provides a fun and entertaining snorkelling. When you finish snorkelling, with your mouth dry and salty, all you have to do is stop at the cafe for a cold beer or refreshments and some food to replace the energies.

The best time for snorkelling this reef is at low tide when no rips are formed. Hight tide brings lots of waves over the reef. The rock pool is good and deep enough to be home of many different marine species and good variety of fishes. We saw lots of sea snakes in this pool which was a pleasure to swim with them around. One can get a little nervous at the beginning but later your start to appreciate their company. Talking about fishes, we saw mostly 'Tangs" but there were also some "Butterflies" fishes and a variety of "Wrasses" and "Parrots". Also at low tide, there is very small part of sand at the end of the track and also at the left side of the reef. It is good and refreshing place to visit.

The entrance is right in front of the Police Station beside the Crazy Uga Cafe It is a short track down and not too steep either.
There is a small beach at the right ...and another one at the left

Every time we went there we saw schools of fish on reef




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