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Vaikona Chasm and Sea Track

We made a big mistake when we decided to go to Vaikona. We went in the afternoon, without knowing that this track is one of the most difficult in Niue, and so, it took much longer than we expected and we thought it was necessary to abort the track before reaching the end, because it was getting dark, and we also forgot to bring a torch. It was a very demanding track, not suitable for people who are not fit. It really is a kind of Indiana Jones style track with many challenging and dangerous parts. If something happens to you there, it will take ages for you to get help. The tourist information in Alofi may be able to get you a guide which we recommend. It is one of the most beautiful tracks we have ever donr in our lives, and if you think you can make it, don't miss it.

Everything begins at the car park, make sure you park your car out of the falling line of coconuts (big photo on the top of the page). Make sure also, you have plenty of water, some energetic snacks, a torch (waterproof because you will have to dive underwater to pass from one cave to another). Cameras must be waterproof too and be very well protected against the bumpy terrain. A fist-aid kit including bandage is very advisable,sturdy shoes, and walking sticks. Walking sticks will be a blessing not only to remove spider webs, but for the track itself, to compensate for very irregular grounds. In terms of distance, it is not too long of a walk, but the progress is slow as a turtle. So, it is better to take the track in the morning and let someone know you are there.

The first hour of the track is fantastic. The forest is dense and very beautiful and it is not too hot either. It is basically flat, making the walk and the progress easy except for a few trees and logs laying on the track. The soil is dark due many flowers and plants in decomposition and the humidity is very high. Fungus and colourful mushrooms can be seen everywhere, and hermit crabs or even an Uga can  be spotted on the track. Rooster and chickens are also spotted in this first part the track. Often there are red arrow nailed on the trees pointing the right direction. Everything is fine and beautiful until you reach the limestone part.

From now on, basically there isn't any more safe track. It goes literally over sharp coral rocks and is where the walking sticks enters in the scene to help you keep standing up. The progress starts to get slower and watching every step you take becomes a must. The track also starts to get hilly, with ups and downs into small gorges. In some parts one must use your hands to go down steep coral cliffs in the middle of the forest. It is quite dark, even on a bright day. There is a part where you have to pass a kind of coral tunnel underground and it was from this point that we decided to come back because it was becoming difficult to pinpoint the right track between false ones. It was too dark in the forest and the risk of getting lost was escalating every passing minute. We made it to the car just in time, and a couple times we had to use the flash of the camera to find the right track.

From what we know from what other people said who did the track till the en , the rest is more or less like this...you arrive at the entrance of the chasm and have to slide down on a 60 degrees ramp to the bottom of what seems like a cave, and from there, you must enter the water and make your way underwater into another saloon. From this saloon, you go up and exit the chasm. Anyway, despite all odds we had a great time going until the point we went, and looking forward to a next trip to complete this track.

Walking sticks are a must to help you deal with the corals on the ground

It is an Indiana Jones style forest Huge pillars of corals must be negotiated
What is this tree doing in my trail Huge plants are everywhere
The colours these mushroom get are incredible... ... and humidity is very high




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