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(Font: some data taken from CIA factbook - stats 2001)

Official Name: Niue (former Savage Crab, I mean, Savage Island)
Location: Middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean - 19 02 S, 169 52 W (belongs to the Polynesia Triangle).
Neighbour Countries: None. (Tonga and Samoa are the nearest places)
Area: 260 sq km (not counting reef flats) One of the largest Coral Islands
Coastline: 64 Km (not counting the wharf)
Roads: 86 Km Paved  with some pot holes- 148 Km unpaved with no pot holes
Terrain: Limestone Rocks and Coral Cliffs everywhere except in the middle which is flat..
Economic zone: 200 nautical miles full of huge fishes
Arable land: 12% can be planted the rest is Uga's home.
Climate: Hot, Humid, enjoyable...very tropical with cooler nights.
Average Temperature: Summer 28 degrees Celsius, Winter 24�.
Sea Water temperature: Anything between 24� and 29�. One of the cleanest sea water in the world.
Highest Point: Mount with no name 70 metres and rising.
Natural Hazards: Cyclones, Hit your toe in Corals, Uga bites.
Population: 1500...1499....1498....decreasing (more than 20.000 living overseas)
Labour Force:  663...662...661.....
Industries: Fish and Noni Juice Export, Tourism.
Unemployment rate: 12%
Language : English, Niuean.
Currency: New Zealand Dollar - NZ$
Literacy: 96%
Ethnic Groups: Niuean 78.2%, Pacific islander 10.2%, European 4.5%, mixed 3.9%, Asian 0.2%, unspecified 3%, Ugas 80%, Roosters 1000%
Religions: Ekalesia Niue (Niuean Church - a Protestant church closely related to the London Missionary Society) 61.1%, Latter-Day Saints 8.8%, Roman Catholic 7.2%, Jehovah's Witnesses 2.4%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, other 8.4%, unspecified 8.7%, none 1.9% .
Capital: Alofi (the centre of the universe)
Villages: 14 (most with abandoned houses)
Independence: 19 October 1974, Niue became a self-governing parliamentary government in free association with New Zealand.
Government: Parliamentary Democracy 
Budget: Revenues- NZ$ 15 million ... Expenditure - NZ$ 16 Million
Internet code: .nu  (free Internet in Niue)
International phone code: 683
Premier: Young Vivian (election every 3 years)
Surf: No rideable waves.
Beaches: 3 or 4 very small ones not accessible all the time.
Main Characteristics: Many fantastic Caves, Arches, Reef Flats, Tropical Fishes, Forests, Walking Tracks, Very green and unpolluted, Clean places with no rubbish on the sites or streets, Very friendly people, Almost no existent crime, Great snorkelling and diving, Wale watching, Spectacular sunsets, No rush hour, No traffic, No rat race, No tropical diseases.




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