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People of Niue

It is very difficult around the world to find riendly and hospitable pacific people like Niueans are. We've been in many parts of the planet, including some Islands in the South Pacific, but at the moment, Niue is head to head with some Islands of Vanuatu. The basic difference is that Ni-Vanuatu people smile more and wave less, while Niueans wave more and smile less. In reality, it is a kind of danger to be among Niueans, because you'll risk your arms falling off your elbows, due the number of times people will wave to you, and you to them. 

It doesn't matter if your on the street, from the other side of the street or from inside of a car. Wherever you are in Niue they will wave to you. I've read on a forum a guy saying that the only people that won't wave to him in Niue is the Police. Nope, he is wrong. A Policeman also waved to us while we crossed each other on the road. Niueam people understand the importance of tourism to the Island and are educated enough to exercise cordiality to extremes to make a tourist happy. Another example of Niuean cordiality, was a coconut crab we spotted while he was crossing the road from one side to another. We stopped the car, but we didn't know how to capture it. A lady from another vehicle stopped and grabbed the crab insisting for us to have it. She gave us a recipe, talked a little bit, asked about where we from, wished us a good stay and went along on her way.

Well, there aren't many people in Niue anyway, but the ones who decided to stay will do everything they can to make you feel completely relaxed. There is no crime in Niue, because it seems that nobody needs to steal anything from anyone. Everybody seems to have at least the basic for survival and there is plenty to eat, so nobody is hungry. There is no misery either and all inhabitants are officially above the poverty line. Niueans are simple people, very religious, and very respectful. Question... "I am a solo young lady traveller. Will I have any problems about sexual harassment in Niue day or night?" I can answer almost with 100% of certainty NEVER. Niueans not only respect themselves but also any visitor of both sexes. 

Sunday is an important day in Nuie, and the town literally shuts down. It is the sacred day for church, with almost every person on the Island attending one of the different cults such us Ekalesia Niue (protestant Niuean Latter-Day Saints, Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventist. On Sundays, the road and streets became almost deserted and people dress very well to attend the church, boats cannot fish, and in some religions people can't swim. (If you want to attend one of the regular churches you are welcome as soon as you dress accordingly. No swim suits in the church or nearby). Anyway, for tourists Sundays are no problem, because there is also what I call "the tourist church", I mean, Willie, who opens his Washaway Cafe in Avatele beach after 1:00 PM and serves very good burgers with cold beers all afternoon long.

How to wave while driving in Niue 

Style 1 - Use only one finger and keep the rest of your hands on the steering wheel. Recommended on curves and narrow roads.

Style 2 - Use the palm of your hands to wave to other cars but keep the tumb on the steering wheel. Recommended on straight parts of the road.




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