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 Niue Island - Location and Map

Niue Island was created by a submarine volcano that didn't know where to surface. At fist, the volcano thought about surface in New Zealand but later became inclined to the side of Australia. After a long time thinking  what to do about his volcanic life, finally it decided to surface in the middle of nowhere, corner with nothing. It also made sure nobody was watching his birth. In other words, was borne very lonely and isolated.

Yes, there isn't anything around Niue in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, except a large Ocean followed by Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands in a kind of funny triangle. New Zealand was left 2400 Km Southwest and Australia even further.As an isolated place,  Niue was probably one of the least known Islands in Polynesia and South Pacific, but now you'll know where it is....

Latitude/Longitude 19� 03' 48" S - 169� 52' 11'' W

  Alofi is the Capital of Niue concentrating about half of the population, meaning something around 700 fantastic people and 2000 roosters with respective families. One of these roosters is called Pavarotti, and is capable to be heard in Tonga. There are many small villages spread around the Island, some with a reasonable number of houses but very few people inside. The immigration to New Zealand and other parts of the world made some of this villages become kind of ghost towns. Alofi is located in the West side of the Island protected from the regular winds and sea, but for some reason is the favorite when a cyclone decides to hit Niue. The North (Mutalau), the East (Liku) and the South (Hakupu) are on the wild side and receives constant winds and swells along the coast.

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It doesn't matter where you are in Niue because the entire Island is unbelievably beautiful. Each part has a different attractive. One side can be calm and quiet, while the other may be receiving huge waves splashing against the rocky cliffs in an spectacular nature show. When the volcano finally decided to establish there (in the middle of nowhere) and very tired of its actions throwing lava on the fan, it became extinct. A coral Athol was formed. Year after (million) year the sea floor decided to give a kick to Niue, elevating the corals about 60 meters out of the water. That's the why Niue is called "The Rock". After that, plants start growing, birds singing, coconut crabs dancing, and finally people came and go...but this is another history. is part of

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