A Travel Guide about Niue Island in the South Pacific

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  Yes, Niue Island is a sovereign country, in reality it is one of the smallest countries in the world. The first impression when one arrives in Niue is that the Island is part of a bigger country, but soon you realise that Niue's characteristics such as the flag, immigration and customs, are all there. Niue is a unique, and an amazing safe place to visit in the South Pacific.

After a two week trip to Niue, we fell in love with the Island and it was a great surprise for us especially having visited many other Pacific Islands on previous trips. We had collected some information about Niue before our visit, but we never could imagine that Niue was capable of impressing us the way it did. The beauty of the Caves, its Reef flats, its Chasms, Rock pools, the incredible sea water, the people, every single thing was pristine and beautiful. Back home, and after veiwing more than 2000 photos, came the inspiration to write this website and share with you what Niue has to offer. We hope you enjoy it. Roger & Celia - Gold Coast, Australia.

Please, navigate in the topics and discover what Niue can offer to you...

  Location of Niue
(1 Page) - Read about the location of Niue in the South Pacific Ocean with Maps and explanations... 
  Attractions of Niue
(30 Pages) - Caves, Chasms, Snorkelling, beautiful little Beaches, Rock Pools, Sea Tracks, Reef Flats, Tours, etc...
  Getting There
(1 Page) - Read about the ways to get to Niue and how often per week there are flights to this fantastic Island...
  Getting Around
(1 Page) - Know the best way to move on the Island and Read about rental vehicles and providers...
  Where to Stay
(1 Page) - A short description of what is available in Niue regarding accommodation. Photos and direct links...
  Diverse About Niue
(12 Pages) - Read about Visas, Arts, Demography, History, Food, Health, People, Economy and much more... 

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