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Where to Stay in Niue

Niue has a variety of accommodation to suit any size pocket, but even so, there isn't anything 5 stars to spend a fortune and indulge yourself in a millioner's life style. We don't know if this sounds good or bad to you but for us, it sounds nice, because it reflects what Niue is. Besides the resort, the happy tourist will find some Guesthouses, Chalets, and Motel style accommodation which doesn't matter where you're staying the standard of all of them is good and the accommodation very clean. In our opinion, the location of the accommodation may have a big difference to your plans and the way you want to enjoy Niue. What is available at the moment is...

Matavai Resort: The most upmarket accommodation in Niue. It has a more than fabulous view to the Ocean and reef flat. The location near Avatele is a little bit far from Alofi, but no dramas if you got a car. There is a restaurant and a nice pool and the service provided by the locals is very good. Prices from NZ$ 188 per night.

Coral Gardens Motel - Don't know if it will open again but keep an eye on that. (it was closed in Nov 07). 5 comfortable individual self-contained chalets located less than 10 minutes drive North of Alofi. The chalets have gorgeous sea views to the Ocean. There is a bar area also with a great view.

Kololi's Guesthouse - This was the place we stayed for two weeks and simply loved it. I'll give a 4.5 out of 5 stars to kololi's. The Alofi location couldn't be better and the hosts were fantastic (THANK YOU VERY MUCH RUPINA). Prices are very affordable specially if you are staying 2 weeks like we did. You can stay in one of the rooms in the huge house or in one of the 3 very nice Chalet they have outside. Everything is in walking distance... the wharf is right in front, the beer shop, bakery, and commercial centre at your left, and Swan Son supermarket at your right. It is a self catering premises, so you can prepare all your meals, eat better, and save some money. Prices from NZ$ 35 per night.

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Peleni's Guesthouse - Also located in Alofi close to the commercial centre. It is a former big home transformed in accommodation for tourists. We've never enter the premises but heard there are 3 rooms, each with private facilities. Right in the centre of town. Very clean. The entire premise can be booked in advance for a larger family or groups. Prices from NZ$ 50 per night.

Teresa�s Guest House: On the edge of town South of Alofi, opposite to the petrol station and beside Alofi Rentals. It takes less than ten minutes to walk to the commercial centre in town. As Peleni's the entire house can be booked in advance.Prices from NZ$ 50 per night.

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Namukulu Motel:  3 very comfortable self-contained units. It is almost brand new since Cyclone Heta destroyed the old property. There is a swimming pool, a small gym, and nice and spacious grounds with beautiful gardens. It is located about 10 minutes drive North of Alofi. a little bit isolated on the top of a hill overlooking the Ocean, but very peaceful. Ideal place for honeymooner or those who want to unplug from the busy world. Prices from NZ$ 95 per night.

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Lanu Tahi Holiday Apartments: Located in Tamakautoga nearby Matavai Resort. They have spacious self-contained one bedroom apartments close to the sea. Prices from NZ$ 70 per night.

Note: Due to the time  lights from New Zealand arrive and depart Niue ( 2:00 AM), you are required to pay 2 nights for the first day, but the last day they give you a late check out free (11:00 PM). For more Information about accommodation in Niue please click here




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